As I Will Always Love You

You still love me
like you use too.
You’ve got to keep God’s
love inside.
You’ve got to show me
how to love you.
Thank you for this
wonderful ride.
You are so gracious and
We’ve got to keep our
love alive.
Thank you for putting a
new song in my heart.
Putting all else aside.
Thank you for your
Thank you for your light
and love.
For all the good in life.
Thank you for all the
love from above.
Thank you for a great
Thank you for the way I
Thank you for the stars
at night.
Thank you for the warmth
of the day.
Thank you for the morning
Thank you for the gift
of sight.
Thank you showing me how
to pray.
Thank you for all that
is right.
Thank you for all my
friends that play.
Thank you for this joyous
Thank you for all your
ways that lead the way.
For all my love of might.
Thank you for this joyous
You are all that is right.
I love you in every way.
May our lives be positive
and true.
As I will always love
No matter what the plight.
Our love is joyous and true.
No matter what the way.


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