Our Weekly Love

Our weekly love.

Take a Saturday Love and graciously carry it through to Sunday as it is our day.

Turn Sunday’s love into Monday as our love shows the way.

As Tuesday is the love we searched our life for, as it has it’s

Turbulent force that carried us through love in a molding of our ways.

While Wednesday’s Love shows us the force of the wind, half way through the forest blowing towards the love of our whims,

Thursday is the Special Love. The special place that we created for ourselves.

Which takes us to Friday’s Love. A molding of our days as one, as no other kind to show.

The love past the touching of cheeks is Saturday’s Love inventing new ways as long as being gracious. Each week is something differently special.

All the days of the week blend together for the benefit of you. We come to exciting new ways, from the beginning to the ending of the week.( Well, our secret ways), just to begin again. As Sunday’s Love Is Back Again.