Lily Of The Valley

Iris graminea
Siberian iris

Image by lfh via Flickr

Lily of the valley flowering in
late spring.
With stems 15 centimeters long with two leaves
of flowering white Tepals with a sweet fragrance of spring.
Blooming in late summer.
The sight and smell is so breathtaking.
With the fruit of orange-red berries that takes the
imagination of wishful singing.
Like a sunset in the evening until the morning sunrise.
I continue to dream.
While around the corner are Gardenias of beautiful
radiance, while the Iris’s explode with life of
anything I could ever believe.
As the Parrot Tulips are blooming with the beauty of an Irish
While I sit and look, I pet my loved and beautiful
Pekingese Joffrey, of brown and soft white setting,
as my mind floats off to a figure skating ring of fuchsia
As I love flowers like Peonies.
It’s a wonderful feeling.
There, engulfing my mind of a soldier in uniform
of kindness opening the door of my heart.
I’m set in a place of dark purple bearded Iris, with honeysuckle
radiating within my being.
As I tend to drift off to a Giants game as Humphrey Bogart
is crying in Casablanca.
I can’t help to wonder the chivalry that is in front
of me.
Like the love of arts of a man with rhythm singing in
the rain.
This is all new to me, as a rag is turned into a
Rosette, that brings hope to me, as to laugh, it doesn’t
matter, if the laugh is at me.
I’m stuck in a beautiful place like the sound of Angel’s
How can I be so lucky to be in a place so serene?
It must be a gift from God to allow such a feeling
to evolve.
I am so grateful and blessed to be in a place so
loving and giving.
Like the stars above or the sea to see, its an all
new beginning to me.