I Don’t Want To Mislead You

I don’t want to mislead
I don’t want to deceive you.
But what can I do when things
are untrue.
I can’t run around and be
I can’t run around and be me.
When everything is someone
What do I do when I want to
be true.
When everything is out of
the blue.
There’s nothing else I would
rather do than spend my life
with you.
You can say all that you want too.
Life is more than being true.
It’s being with the one that let’s
you be you.
So no matter what I say and do.
My life is here without you.
The years are going fast.
My age hasn’t gotten the best of
I’m still active and true.
You don’t seem to look at me.
So what am I to do?
It’s okay if you say good-bye.
But when you die and we meet,
don’t come up to me and make believe.
I won’t want to see you.
No matter how much love God has.
It’s not going to help you out
if you push me out now.
If you want to be true and loving.
You have to do it now before
time has run out.
It’s up to you what you do.
Now is the time to act.
Not after the casket is latched.
Love me now or say good-bye.
You won’t have another try.
Party now and enjoy your life.
Later on it will be too late.
It will be a good-bye.
And us no more.
It’s up to you.
Let’s make a