I Can’t Understand The World Today

A protest in Utah against Wal-Mart

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I can’t understand the world today.

Kids can’t even go out to play.

It’s such a sad state of affair.

When there is evil everywhere.

I feel so sorry for the children

growing up.

They can’t even find people

who talk and care.

Everybody is in such a hurry,

but really going nowhere.

Technology has slowed us down

by speeding us up.

New jobs are only part time,

so health benefits decline.

Nobody seems to care about

anything but their own affairs.

If I could only reverse time.

I would be stricter than the Lord of


I would make and show people

how to feel.

With treating people the way

THEY want to feel.

It’s such a lonely world for

love, peace and harmony.

People talk a good talk, but

do a terrible walk.

Not to be negative, but it’s so

sad for all.

Fighting over oil.

Killing over religion.

Killing our family and friends

from drugs.

Giving up on life.

Eating food that addicts us.

Diseases that are created by man.

No wonder people are fed up.

No wonder nobody cares anymore.

War hungry leaders.

War generated generals.

People that want to kill.

It’s taking us nowhere but


And not downtown.

Even their, is a frown.

You can’t trust your


You can’t depend on a life long


People are hard to talk too.

What are we to do?

Give up?

Pray, Pray, Pray and pray.

Most people don’t even believe

in that.

It’s such a sad state of affair.

Not to be negative, but we

must change, or be led by

a government.

Prayer has been abandoned

in schools.

And who wants that.

Our government is broke.

Walmart is doing better

than our government.

Not to be negative, but I’ve

said enough.

Pray and stay positive the

best you can.

It’s all we have in the end.