You Have It, Keep It

My mind is better looking than my face. I accept the decay. As long as I have another day at your place. Just something I had to say. I hope that’s okay. That I might say this to bring you closer to my place. As the loneliness of the hours, days, etc. is the pain of me. Along with the age of scar tears that tear the pores apart on my face. As the years turn without you. This can’t be good any place. Take a look at my face and see the miles walked. Look in my eyes. You will figure it out. I’ve been chasing and running and getting nowhere. Help me stop and see you and me. If not you, then see me. That’s all I ask. It’s just something I must do to move on. If you wouldn’t mind. It would be a blast. It’s a tough task, but we will get there, of not being lonely without you. You have it, keep it.

One more day, one more place to see your face. We can let the birds pick the place. Or meet half way. No more decay. Two days.

Face to face.