Just Give It Another Try

It may seem like our love

won’t last.

It may seem like it’s gone.

Just relax.

Just remember.

That’s just the past.

Look forward.

Feel it inside.

Now fast forward.

Now look back.

Feel now.

Feel what you want.

That’s what will last.

It’s all a frame of mind.

Now look behind.

Now look forward.

It’s all the same.

It’s all in what you feel.

It’s all in what you want.

It’s all in the mind.

It’s everything now and


Just let it go.

Don’t worry.

That’s the problem.

Any worry gets in the


Just let it go.

Feel it sway.

Feel yourself.

Live for another day.

That’s all.

It’s here to stay.

Watch it grow.

It’s not gone in any way.

It’s hidden behind.

Just say yes to another day.

Live life.

That’s easy to say.

No strife.

And it’s on the way.

It’s as easy as pie in the


Just give it another try.

It’s on it’s way.