Hang Strong, Be You

Do you feel lonely and


Did you lose the only

friend you had?

All by yourself day

after day?

That’s okay.

Hang tough.

Hang strong, be you.

Hang tough, sigh, cry or

deny, be blue..

Just get in touch with the

right mood.

You always have someone

by your side.

Look inside and ask,

How and why?

Inner self knows.

You can bounce back.

Get in touch with you.

It’s about learning to

let go.

Not loosing control.

Not holding onto the pain.

Letting it slip out.

Out into the rain.

Is the way to roll.

Sorrowful less than before.

Hanging onto our friendship

the best I can to you.

As you frown at me.

Sorry for the after


No matter that you hate me

through and through.

I’ll always look up to you..

While your looking down

unto me.

That’s Okay.

At least we’re in the

same reality.


9/29/2016 RLG