I’m Just A Lost Poet

Things We Lost in the Fire (album)

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Where the Lost Ones Go
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No one knows my game.

No one knows my life.

No one knows my name.

I’ve been around a long time.

I’ve been around the best.

I’m just lost in time.

I’m done and seen more than


I am now being put through

the test.

I’m starting to search my


I’m putting myself on a


I’m writing to reach coast

to coast.

I’m starting to catch up

on divine.

If my words are peculiar

and odd.

Don’t be alarmed, I’m just

being kind.

My words have a meaning to


But most don’t understand

my find.

But, that’s okay.

I’m looking for a life I left


I’m just a lost poet.

Most don’t understand

my way.

Now is the only time to create

substance and become.

It’s taken a long time to

feel these thoughts.

To write it out for


I’m just a lost poet.

Please understand.

My poem is for

not just one.