Let Our Love Lead The Way

While my guitar gently
You keep walking down
my street.
But you don’t see me
What am I to do?
Keep searching for you,
or let it turn blue?
The tides are turning
My love is still strong..
but turning fray.
I don’t know what to do.
But I keep turning to
What am I to say?
The tides are turning
It’s a strong feeling to
to just let it go and
be on my way.
If I say good-bye, it
will be a fright to
the one’s holding
What do I do?
I just can’t let it go.
And say good-bye.
I look up to you.
You lead the way.
You are not out of my
You are everything to me.
What can I say?
To make you lead the way?
You are my life.
I can’t get out of the
I’m in the way.
I’m in the way of you.
I can’t turn away.
No matter what I do.
You are ahead of me.
I can’t turn away.
I’m looking forward.
Forward to you.
Forward straight ahead.
Straight ahead towards
Straight ahead.
I care and want you.
You are everything to
Stay in my life, here
with me.
Or me, there with you.
Let the rope be straight
and not a fray.
Let our love lead the


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About Ricklee's Poetry Plus

I'm a single man of moderate years in good health. I exercise everyday. I've been blogging for four years now. I'm really only learning how. I enjoy golf, swimming, baseball, football, soccer and other sports. I like to go dancing and the night life often. I really love to write poetry of my daily experiences of myself and my past friendships. I like to inspire and give people hope since I needed those feelings in the past.
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