Come Into My Life

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Come to my door.

I’ll let you in.

I won’t deny you.

Come into my heart.

Come into my life.

I won’t run away.

I want you in my life.

It’s what I want.

I want you to stay.

Stick around for a


Everything with you will

be fine.

Your what I’ve been

looking for.

Please, knock at my door.

I know you’ll always



I just had to invite

you in.

Please, teach me some


Show me life.

Show me love.

Show my life inside.

I won’t deny your love.

I invite you in.

Please, come closer.

It’s suppose to be this


Your in my sight.

I’m in your sight.

Show the way.

Aim for me.

You can catch my


No more strife.

You are my life and


Let it go.

Come closer.

I am here to stay.

I enjoy your company

night and day.

There is no other way.

Come into my life, our

Lord, Jesus Christ.

In Jesus name, Amen