With A Life

When will I be the person

you wan to see?

When will I be the person

I want to be?

It all comes down to

knowing me.

And knowing you.

In the arms of the day.

And the back out the night.

When will we make things


To come across the seeing of

two ways.

Without the giving of nothing

to say in the heart of

all ways.

To live in the moment with

everything to give that pleases


What are we to give when

there is nothing to say.

When everything we give

is out of sight.

You mean more to me than

my love inside.

When all we do is contact

the love of tide.

It goes in and out without

any say.

It comes and goes.

With no joyous ride.

I want a consistent style

that walks the mile.

Not a sporadic life

without style.

To love and be constantly

with the one I love.

To please one another

as life travels on.

To live in peace and

harmony with no strife.

As the days roll on.

As we give it a try.

With a life.

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