I Don’t Know What You Are Waiting For

I don’t know what you are
waiting for.
A train down your tracks.
A touch on the back.
A kiss on the lips.
Or just a plain ole high.
I have given all these to
And nothing.
I really don’t know what to say
to you.
Do I have to come and kick
you from behind?
To get you in gear.
To make it sublime.
To make you near.
It’s a life of ups ans downs.
Nothing guaranteed.
Just a hope and a wish underneath.
It all has a meaning.
We all have to figure it out.
And bring it about.
So give me your best.
And I will give you mine
There’s nothing we can’t find.
Do your best.
And you will find me.
Love is a word.
Friends are for life.
Where there is no strife.
Just bring it along and all will
be fine.
You can believe this or not.
And all negativity will subside.
Or just sit there and be not.
Just give it a try.
And bring it around.
Just give it a try.
And it will all come around.
Just give it a try and life will
be found.
Let’s make it hot.
I know you know who I am.
I know who you are.
We’ve just separated.
Vinegar and water can be together.
We just have to mix.
Before it separates.
Talk is cheap.
I’m not.
Let’s get together and make
it tops.
We use to stay out all night
Now we’re just a song.
Let’s make a right from a
And get out of a song.
And bring it along.
Words are also cheap.
I’m not.
You aren’t either.
Just believe in me.
I believe in you.
Just make it a reality.


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