Your In My Heart

Something the Lord Made

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One more time.

One more day.

In the life of the Lord.

Your in my heart.

Your here to stay.

Don’t walk away from

the Lord.

Find Him.

Accept Him.

Accept Jesus Christ.

Even if you don’t say

you feel the same way.

God feels that way.

You’ll know in your

heart and mind.

Once you accept Him.

That His love will shine

and last forever.

He’ll love you today,

in His way.

Not your way.

There is a time and place

for everything.

Just remember, He feels the


Even if your standing in

the rain.

The Lord will never

stop loving you.

His heart is soulful blue.

Like the ocean sea rolling

over your life so true.

The beauty of life is like

the stars at night.

It can be bright or dark

to the sight.

Its glimmer can shine and

strengthen the mind.

Life is a river going

down stream.

It sustains life as it also

extinguishes life.

Beauty is seen or

beaten down.

Life is a rock tumbling

down a mountain side.

If your in life’s motion, it

will squash you or go

by you.

God is your motion.

Jesus is your destiny.

Accept life as a blessing

and not a curse

It’s all in the heart and


It’s how we take it.

Look up or down.

Life can be ridden or

trodden under.

You make it or break it.

You make God your

friend or your enemy.

Make God your friend.

There is no other way.

Either good or evil.

Pagan or Godly.

Your way or God’s way.

They are not the same.

It’s all in how you take it.

Your way or God’s way.

Life is sounds, acts, looks, and

progressive rounds.

Be square and clean the


Life is all around.

Life is all live.

Be alive.

Be Godly.

Life is what you make

of it.

Either way, you are going

to have to deal with it,

or leave it.

Live life with God’s love.

You can make it.