The Loneliness So Soft Off Track

Please Help the Cause Against Loneliness

Please Help the Cause Against Loneliness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eleven Kinds of Loneliness

Eleven Kinds of Loneliness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been mean to the people

I’ve known.

I’ve been mean on the


To everywhere

I’ve flown.

I couldn’t handle the loss

in my life.

So I ran away.

Now I’m living in strife.

Now I want to stay.

Of the life I’ve sewn.

It’s so hard to get it


The loneliness so soft

off track.

Bring me back to the

life I’ve  known.

Let me see the life

I miss.

To the bright moon’s


I turned around.

And didn’t look back.

Now I’m totally off track.

It’s so hard to get it


When I hear a sound.

When all I do is feel

the night.

The days are long and

don’t feel right.

As I listen to the


I feel uptight.

When everything was good.

As I lost my eyes of


I try so hard to see

the cross of my faithful


But my selfish desires

get in the way.

Now I can’t find another

day that feels the same..

As I lost my song.

To turn it around.

I’m so lost without you.

I try to stay happy

on top of it.

But I find myself lost.

I find myself reminiscing

of it all.

Thinking of the souls I

left behind.

Only to find an empty

wall of words.

Only to be unkind.

With no meaning to


I’ve passed myself by.

Now it’s hard to try.

And I wonder why.

I left it all behind.


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