Pray For My Dad Richard Sr.

I need all your prayers from all of you bloggers out there. I just got news that my 83 year old dad has a tumor in his brain and a lump in his lungs that might be cancer. He is such an optimistic man. He said he doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone. He said he doesn’t want to be a vegetable or a financial liability to his family. I told him that the doctors are great nowadays and everything will be just fine.

Please pray for him, that he will get through this and be back to his regular self in no time. He lives 2000 miles away, as I’m unemployed and can’t go visit and see him, as I don’t have the finances. I would really appreciate all your blessings and prayers.

Thank all of you so much for your spiritual help. I’m sure my dad Richard Sr. will as well.

May or Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless all of you with knowledge, understanding, wisdom, love, peace and harmony. In Jesus Name Amen.


2 thoughts on “Pray For My Dad Richard Sr.

    • impactingdreams: Thank you so much for your prayers. I know that God will also reward you for your kindness and generosity. You are a wonderful person. Continue to be the person you are. You are a real gift. Thank you. God bless you. Ricklee

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