Lord Father

John the Baptist baptizing Christ

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Lord, Father, “What Your name means to me.

You are so willing to be my Father.

You pour out Your love to me.

I never doubt Your love, Father.

I never doubt that You hear me.

I call upon Your name.

I remain silent for a little while.

I wait for Your love to be known to me.

I come to you as a weak child.

A child that has been bruised and hurt.

I come to You with no strength of my own.

I have no power to cleanse myself.

I humbly lay down my pitiful condition before You.

While I wait for You, I occasionally utter a word of love to You,

of my grief of sin.

Then I stop and wait for You, Lord.

After waiting for You, I sense when it is time.

Then I continue with my prayer to You, Lord.

I pray and speak of the love from You, Lord.

I call upon, Your Glory and Grace to sustain me.

That You will reign in me.

I give myself up to You,” Oh Lord.”

I give myself and my life to You, Lord.

So that I may see the failure that I have been in my life,

up to the point before believing in You.

I acknowledge before You, that You are the ruler over my life.

At this point, I realize that You are in control of my life.

I feel You deep within my soul, that Your Spirit is leading me.

I remain silent before You, Lord.

I realize the deep love that is within me.

I humble myself before you, Lord.

Your will, will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Praying these words, I humbly bow down before You, Lord.

My will and soul are within me, from You, Lord.

I surrender my heart and soul unto You.

My freedom is from You.

Your will is that Your children love and obey You with

all their heart and soul.

Lord, Your will, will be done.

So I begin to try to love you as You love me.

I surrender my life to You, Lord.

May peace, joy and happiness surround all Your

children including myself for all eternity.

In Jesus Name, AMEN

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