I Left So You Would Succeed

Titelblatt eines Druckes mit dem Lübecker Frieden

Your Style
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I left so you would succeed.

If I would of stayed, there

wouldn’t of been this day.

If I would of stayed, we

would of all been delayed


As opposed to a time in

the future.

A new time to nurture.

I had to leave and

come back another


In a mature way.

Or it wouldn’t of gone

our way.

Pain and strife would

of set in.

I could see it where

you could not.

Or maybe you could.

There’s really not much

more to say, but

now is the time to


You are right.

I did leave without

saying goodbye.

I didn’t want to cry

by saying goodbye.

I would rather later

say hi than goodbye.

It is my time to

shine, but only with

you by my side.

There is another ride.

If you will accept me?

It will be in stride.

Don’t deny the destiny

ahead of us.

It will get us by.

No need to cry.

Take the ride.

Forget the pain and

sorrow as today is

yesterdays tomorrow.

Please understand what

I am trying to say.

I’ve been dying inside

all along.

Not singing our song.

Be by my side and lets

join together and create

a new style to shine.

A new day, a new way.

No running away.

It’s here to stay.

I’ll have it your way.

Like sunshine always,

with a little rain to

cool down.