Bless Your Heart

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Love Songs and Prayers: A Retrospective
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Bless your heart

and bless your home.

I’ll always love you.

That’s all known.

As you feel in your

heart, you will feel

at home.

As our love will last

forever in the feelings

we are shown.

So always use good

judgement on whatever

you do.

And I believe this advice

will get you through.

No doubt, at times we

may fall out of line.

Just hand onto to your

soul, and watch yourself


So, soar like an eagle

wherever you go.

And watch your life

soar like an eagle

from home.

The climb will be


The flight will


And the path you could

never take, will take

you home.

So hang on strong to

your mind and soul.

Listen to your inner

self and watch our

love grow.

So no matter what

happens on our love


Love in the first degree

will flourish and find.

So bless your heart and

bless your home.

No matter what happens,

our love will grow.


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About Ricklee's Poetry Plus

I'm a single man of moderate years in good health. I exercise everyday. I've been blogging for four years now. I'm really only learning how. I enjoy golf, swimming, baseball, football, soccer and other sports. I like to go dancing and the night life often. I really love to write poetry of my daily experiences of myself and my past friendships. I like to inspire and give people hope since I needed those feelings in the past.
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